Thursday, July 16, 2009

Have you checked out Mumbrella?

Ok, so I got to this site a bit late, but now that I know, you know. Go check out "Mumbrella - Everything under Australia's media and marketing umbrella."

Great range of content, good links to various blogs and stories and best of all, you get to read it for FREE. It's sooo Zero Budget Marketing and you might learn something! :)


Tim Burrowes - Mumbrella said...

Better late than never!

Thanks for the kind words...


Tim - Mumbrella

Lisa Ma, Networx Marketers Meetings - Brisbane said...

Love receiving Mumbrella's newsletters and tweets on Twitter (

Tim, would love for you to come up to Brissie one day & speak at a Networx event in Brisbane (we have big Mumbrella fans in the marcomms industry up here)!

Hope you're well Kimba! Cheers, Lisa