Friday, July 23, 2010

Do you understand human nature enough to make it work for you?

I love it when I get "tricked" in a good way.

A friend is due to start a new job with a design agency , so I thought I'd google them.

I got to Sage Creative's site and was a annoyed to have to "skip" a flash intro page (why do people keep doing these?!). Anyway, they were redeemed with their brilliant understanding of human nature in their simple menu. The last item on the menu was...

..."Don't go here".

So guess what I immediately clicked on?

Love it.

What a spectacularly cheap (zero budget) way to funnel your web traffic where you want it to go.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

PR stunt on a zero budget

Bit of a lazy post but I wanted to direct you to read a recent story on Australian Anthill.

It is a clever promotional idea that used the "beg, borrow & steal" approach to putting together a neat little PR stunt for Channel 31. Big ticks to Keep Left PR for the idea - and in managing to source "free snow".

Check it out at: